How Do You Support Sustainability?

We believe that protecting and honoring the world around us is critical for future generations. Therefore, there are several ways that we support sustainability. Firstly, whenever possible, we use recycled metals and stones to create pieces that are strong, durable, and able to last for years to come. We also work closely with manufactures to ensure ethically sourced materials and mining practices. Lastly, with every purchase, a tree will be planted through Eden’s Reforestation Project. 

What is a Natural Gemstone?

A natural gemstone is a stone that has not been modified or enhanced by human touch. They are found, mined, then cut and polished. They differ in color variations and characteristics, which makes them special and unique. Natural Gemstones reflect nature’s power and beauty.

What is Synthetic Gemstone?

Also known as “Lab Grown” or “Man Made,” are gemstones that are not found in nature. Instead, they are made in a lab. Synthetic stones do not have many differing variations or characteristics. They have fewer imperfections and are more brilliant than Natural Gemstones. Synthetic Gemstones, at a glance, look exactly like each other.

Which Gemstone is Earth-Friendly/Human-Friendly?

This is hard to answer. Synthetic Gemstones require less energy, less water, and emit less carbon emissions, making it eco-friendly. On the other hand, Natural Gemstones provide employment to many people around the world, helping them provide food and shelter to their loved ones. Perhaps the answer is somewhere in the middle. We can continue to enjoy and honor natural gemstones by committing to a more eco-friendly method of mining. Small mining operations can be closely controlled, which can dramatically decrease mining’s impact on the environment. At the same time, it can provide local employment, nurturing the community surrounding these mining operations. 

What is Eden's Reforestation Project?

As stated on their website:

“We work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems, and helping mitigate climate change.”

Please visit their website for more information or to become more involved in protecting the environment:

Global Reforestation Projects - Eden Reforestation Projects